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Accepted Sessions

Our accepted sessions are listed below (please note these have been renumbered from previous conference plans!).

We have re-opened the call for papers through October 2021. Some of the sessions will have space for additional papers, please get in touch with session organisers.

  1. Archaeology: why are we doing this
  2. Same shit, different day: Has archaeological theory stagnated?
  3. Archaeology and the Climate Crisis
  4. Withdrawn
  5. (In)equalities of being. Social, Economic, Cultural, and Territorial dichotomies and similarities.
  6. Living in Material Worlds: New theoretical and technical approaches to object biographies
  7. The Lives of Things in Human Mindscapes: Developing Approaches to Cognition in Archaeology
  8. Ethics and Posthumanism in Archaeology: the unexamined life.
  9. Life in the land of the dead: skyscape archaeology and the ontology of other worlds
  10. The politics of humanism and posthumanism: making common ground
  11. Life on the move: The movement of people and things in prehistoric contexts
  12. TAGging through time: new perspectives on graffiti and mark-making, from ancient to modern times.
  13. Life in Texts, Life in Materials
  14. Withdrawn
  15. Everyday Life and Ritual Life – Can We Distinguish?
  16. Sensing textiles and cogitating crafting theory
  17. Historical Ecological Lives in a Digital Ethos: understanding past life in current-state Landscape Archaeology
  18. Gender in death: approaches to revealing gendered experiences in funerary contexts
  19. On Artificial Past Lives: Uses and Consequences of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Simulation in Archaeology
  20. A Place to Call Home: The Archaeology of Space and Belonging
  21. Lost Souls: Breathing life into the fragmented dead
  22. Archaeologies of the near future
  23. Experimental Archaeology as Performance
  24. Publishing with Antiquity