Call for Papers

The following sessions are open for additional papers in October 2021. If you would like to suggest a paper then please email the sessions organisers directly by October 31st.

Session 3 – Archaeology and the climate crisis

Session 5 – (In)equalities of being. Social, Economic, Cultural, and Territorial dichotomies and similarities.

Session 6 – Living in Material Worlds: New theoretical and technical approaches to object biographies

Session 7 – Τhe Lives of Things in Human Mindscapes: Developing Approaches to Cognition in Archaeology

Session 8 – Ethics and Posthumanism in Archaeology: the unexamined life

Session 9 – Life in the land of the dead: skyscape archaeology and the ontology of other worlds

Session 11 – Life on the move: The movement of people and things in prehistoric contexts

Session 12 – TAGging through time: new perspectives on graffiti and mark-making, from ancient to modern times.

Session 13 – Life in text, life in materials

Session 14 – From panta rhei to societies against history: conceptualising time in archaeology.

Session 15 – Everyday Life and Ritual Life – Can We Distinguish?

Session 16 – Sensing Textiles and Cogitating Crafting Technology

Session 17 – Historical Ecological Lives in a Digital Ethos: understanding past life in current-state Landscape Archaeology

Session 18 – Gender in death: approaches to revealing gendered experiences in funerary contexts

Session 19 – On Artificial Past Lives: Uses and Consequences of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Simulation in Archaeology

Session 20 – A Place to Call Home: The Archaeology of Space and Belonging

Session 21 – Lost Souls: Breathing life into the fragmented dead

Session 23 – Experimental Archaeology as Performance

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